About Us/關於我們

Develop-Land.com is estate property in the Hong Kong for oversea enterprice seach office or shop and building bases at Hong Kong. We offer high end property, shop , office , factory ,villa house , unit flat, in Hong Kong for rent from Hong Kong Dollar 0.1million per month. The Office location at business area or industrial area. The Shop suitable for different operating. The villa house or unit flat are over a thousand square feet area.


All enterprice like have long-term leases ten years and some time more long. We also offer lawyer about law guarantee tenant and owner benefit. Different lawyer between tenant and owner for contract of rent of approximately.


When customer need to know price of property for office , factory ,villa house , unit flat. We offer surveyors for assessment property for office , factory ,villa house , unit flat.


Develop-Land.com 是一個房地產物業網頁. 我們提供出租高端物業,商舖,辦公室,工廠,家庭別墅,在香港. 當境外企業單位搜索辦公室或店鋪和建基地.

我們提供出租高端物業,商舖,辦公室,工廠,家庭別墅,單位平,在香港。租金 每月從港幣10萬元或以上.   商舖在商業區,辦公室在商業區或工業區